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02 January 2015 @ 09:40 pm

Tonight is a Les Mis sort of night.  Too many surprise funerals every December.Personal crap to follow- December really does seem to be about collecting yahrzeits sometimes...Collapse )
04 February 2014 @ 01:02 am
So instead of the sort of half-assed bending-focused togetherness Aang seems to have preached and put together, part of what came out of the big United Republic reformation movement included a theoretical fifth element (ha ha, yes, Meeloo et all:) as a subject of study and cultural exchange- mastery of self, as well as mastery of elements.  Maybe it's something that was completely independent of Aang, and that's why it's looked askance at today as a hotbed for radicalism- a wide and varied philosophy that's about finding what you do best and getting very, very good at it, regardless of elemental bending or ethnic allegiance.  Shit like Jet and Mai, Jun and Piandao do, and especially Ty Lee and the Kyoshi Warriors, because that's the sort of information that people would probably really like disseminated, even if a lot of the bending elites would regard it as an unfair advantage (war crime isn't the right word here- I'm looking for something like a banned weapon or technique and I cannot find the right word right now).

It seems like the sort of thing that would grow out of a huge mixed city where the paradigm is shifting.  And it would give a lot more depth and weight to the Equalist movement- not only would it be a radical fringe to a legit school of philosophy and activism, it provides a stronger background source for so *many* Equalists, as well as the paranoia about them, because there's people wearing their buttons and spouting some of the same words walking around on the street, man! -who aren't necessarily anywhere near as hardline as Amon/Noatak himself, wanting to actually destroy bending as a power.

Dunno, just a thought.
14 January 2014 @ 02:52 am
"Conceal, don't feel..."

Yue is done letting the blood of her tribe flow and trickle away, for the sake of any man's pride.
14 January 2014 @ 02:40 am
So I was reading the Freeport Trilogy and about the serpent people whose Ancient Empire(tm) collapsed after an encounter with the cult of the Unspeakable One and its madness.  Their primary deity back in the day was Yig, and while I was mulling bits of flavor-text to be spoken by horrid cultist and hidden, kindly watcher alike, it started going on in my head about Yig-drass, the world serpent, the tree of serpents, everything in the world and the father/mother who is all.  Also stuff about 'we sinned against Father Sun, and so he retreats from us a little more each year- do not begrudge us these final, dusty days, for our end will come as it does for all of us, and you too, in your time,' -but mostly the big smush-up of Ygdrassil the World Tree and Jormungandr the World-Serpent based off the silly decision of a WotC author to name a snake-god Yig.

Also figure that the orcs' gods are He Who Watches and She Who Waits.  He Who Watches is more Odin than Gruumsh, and more goblin than Uruk-hai warrior.  Slinky little thief and spy with a cloak, a hat, and an eye-patch who snarks at you.  She Who Waits is somewhere between Frigga, Hera, Kali and every earth-mother goddess you've ever heard of, with a strong militaristic bent that feels sort of like Athena.  Ravens like them both.  He Who Watches will make you a deal and seal it with an eyeball- She Who Waits will just make damn sure that there's a line and anyone who crosses it is crow-food.
10 January 2014 @ 10:34 pm
Need to sketch at some point when things aren't exploding (*four inches* of water in the basement of a house we're trying to get rid of!)- Instead of Varrick, Korra-and/or-Asami with Varric Tethras, dwarven merchant prince, wielder of Bianca (she's a hand-crossbow/siege weapon).

"Daisy, you've got to stop crossing through Lowtown in the middle of the night!"
"Nothing ever happens!"
"I know- and that nothing is costing me a fortune."

-Korra as the Champion of Kirkwall.  Benders versus equalists, mages versus templars, Qunari versus everyone.  No real analogue for the professional sports thing, but I think that was something they either should have done more with, or done away except as a mention in passing.
07 January 2014 @ 07:00 pm
....Korra water-and-airbending to Idina Menzel's "Let It Go" from Frozen.  Possibly mix of Korra, Katara, maybe Yue in both pre-and-post sacrifice modes.
01 January 2014 @ 07:34 pm
Had a thought about a futuristic cybernetically enhanced soldier, who was nearing the end of her tour of duty and looking forward/well sort of but more just imagining what's it gonna be like when her arms and legs get traded back in for the civilian models.  And also looking forward to getting her reproductive set reinstalled, because it makes perfect sense that if you've got that level of cyborg mix-and-matching technology, that on duty everyone would have their civilian model and their work/duty model, and their potentially duty-interfering bits kept safely cryo'ed until you're back on-planet and have the time and energy to mess around.

I dunno, it's just kind of a neat thought- it probably wouldn't be an acceptable norm now, but in another time, another context, it makes perfect sense to store it until you actually know you want or are willing to risk reproduction.  And that would go exactly the same for male soldiers, because while leaving bastards in every port may be less of an interference to ship- and combat-duty, it's still problematic and embarrassing and does not please the brass when someone can wave a DNA test at one of their soldiers and demand comp.

So yeah.  Someday- scifi story with awesome cyborg lady adjusting to civilian life, with added world-building for flavor.

Oh!  I know where this came from- there was this one story in a Chicks In Chainmail anthology, where the local women-warrior's guild responded to a burdensome tax on bronze bras by engaging a plastic-wizard who could leave them flat-chested as any man for duty purposes, then return them their boobs with ease when desired.  (This is all further complicated by the fact that he's been doing business on the side with the court ladies who want younger, trimmer parts themselves, and aren't particularly scrupulous about just where their 'dancing master' is getting those parts and what he's paying for them.  Namely nothing, leaving a lot of shepherdesses, apple-pickers and exotic dancers waking up with the wrong bits and a whole lot of angry warrior-women who want their boobs kept straight and to get the *right* set back on reversing the spell, thank you.)
30 December 2013 @ 10:48 pm
Inches away from being done with the old house.  Papers are signed, last van-load and sweep-out tomorrow.  Hopefully once the last bits of bills from this are dealt with, I can stop being terrified two days after payday about 'how are we gonna eat and let me pay my school debts'.

In other news- another 'Reimagining Legend of Korra' thought.  What if the police weren't just metalbenders, but metal-benders were a special division just like fire, earth, and water-bending experts?  And what if everyone got rudimentary chi-blocking lessons?  (I know, it takes some extreme talent and probably major acrobatic ability to land that sort of blow, but it's the sort of thing they'd probably pass around, I think.)
18 December 2013 @ 02:20 pm
I just ate the first duck I cooked myself (well- Mom did the heavy lifting, I screwed up my shoulder a couple days ago and am still babying it until I can fight my way through the ACA hotline and get some proper doctoring).  It is *goooooood*.  And potatoes in duck fat is yaaaaaaay.
27 November 2013 @ 02:33 am
Young Justice- *wow* that's some not-very-subtly-buried unresolved tension there, Luthor.  You only managed to create a *kid* in secret with your oblivious hubby...

Also, I need fic.  Anyone got any recs?